The new webname extensions .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY are already in use by successful legal firms and individuals. You can take advantage of them now by using them as a high profile email address such as or as a web address such as leading potential employers or clients to your professional page on any social media platform or directly to your website.



Lisa Bloom's .ATTORNEY websites:


Lisa Bloom (wikipedia), an American celebrity civil rights attorney and daughter of Gloria Allred (wikipedia), is taking advantage of three of these webnames already:


Bloom.Attorney redirects to her firm's mainsite, while CivilRights.Attorney and Employment.Attorney are run as standalone sites. These web addresses do not only stand out in the legal industry, they can also provide a strong ranking boost on search engines, such as Google, as seen in the next example.



Corbett Law Firm website:


Corbett Law Firm is based in Dallas, TX, offering legal services for car accident cases. They switched from their established address to, matching their domain name to a key search term for their business.


They started using the .ATTORNEY domain somewhere in November 2014. On December 17, 2014 the site was ranking position 2 in Google's natural results for the search term "dallas car wreck attorney" and on January 5th, 2015 it had taken position 1:


The best thing is Google's suggested bid in Keyword Planner for this search term is USD 94 (as of Jan 5th, 2015).

Even if these bid suggestions may be very ambitious and the actual cost per click is lower, it looks like buying this web address was an excellent decision for the firm!



.LAWYER and .ATTORNEY available for everyone now!



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