It might not happen during the first screening, but while narrowing down potential candidates there comes inevitable point when a manager does some online research on you. Follow these best practices:


Professional Social Networks:


- Create a profile in the leading professional social network in your country (LinkedIn, Xing, Vkontakte, whatever makes sense for your location and industry). In case you open a fresh account set your number of (zero) contacts to “hidden”.


- List all or at least the most recent positions from your CV. Put in brief descriptions of the positions you held but keep them brief. Do not give away too much detail here (save that for the Employment History in your CV), keep potential employers curious.


- Follow high profile leaders in your field on the network and join groups that reflect your business field


- Try to rank high on Google with your most professional page whether this is a professional network or a personal social network page. The following best practices can help you doing this:


- Make sure all fields suggested by the site are filled (still leave out personal information you are not comfortable with giving away) and keep the page up to date.



- Never write anything bad about a former employer on the web, even if you had an unpleasant experience there (needless to say that this also applies to interviews).


- Never expect anything on the web to be a closed group. If you feel the need to discuss a bad experience from your work life strictly keep that offline.


- Keep up a positive image in personal social networks. Avoid posting images there that may leave a mixed impression with an employer.


- Do not hesitate to ask contacts/other users to remove content about you that you feel uncomfortable with if needed or ask contacts to at least untag you in photos that you have no chance of getting the content taken down.


- Is your CV updated based on suggestons?

- Has your .LAWYER or .ATTORNEY web and email address been created?

- Is your professional Social Network page optimized and up to date?

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